Our History

Frank McLane, Sr.

Frank McLane, Sr. founded McLane Advisors in 1954, over 65 years ago. Beginning with the City of Houston Police Department, Frank and his sons, who joined him in the 1970’s, developed relationships with municipalities all over the state of Texas. Frank continued to work with municipal employees until he retired in 1999, and then served as a mentor until he passed away in 2019. With clients throughout Texas and in dozens of states, McLane Advisors honors the motto pioneered by Frank: “Do What is Right; Let the Consequence Follow.”

McLane Advisors continues to provide the same level of service and personal touch Frank Sr. pioneered with unflinching integrity. Following Frank’s retirement in 1999, Todd McLane, Frank McLane, Jr. and Jim Schulmire continue to manage the firm to this day. Since 2005, they have been joined by their sons, and now clients of McLane Advisors benefit from three generations of accumulated knowledge and experience.

Our Associates