Tools that support your goals.

Retirement Benefit Analysis: (See below for Sample) This simple tool is very helpful for you and us when determining the strength of your retirement and the overall health of your assets.

Online access: Having constant access to your accounts is a high priority. We utilize multiple sources and tools that provide daily market values, returns, and historical performance. These tools help you stay informed and provide clarity about the status of your investments.

Illustrations: Through an investment illustration you can see how historical performance of the market would have affected an account in our various strategies.


What to expect as a client?

McLane Advisors is committed to helping you build a bright retirement future. We work diligently to keep you on the path of financial freedom.

How we do this?

  • Communication is key. When you call McLane Advisors we strive to have someone answer the phone at all times during regular business hours.
  • Whether through phone, text or email, McLane Advisors is available in multiple ways to answer your questions and be available for all your financial needs.
  • Personal reviews are key to keeping on track with goals. McLane Advisors strives to keep you up to date by having face to face appointments either in person or through social media when if needed. These reviews allow us to make changes based on your goals as they might change throughout your life.
  • Consistency. As a family owned and operated business, we provide stability and familiarity to you. We are very selective with who we hire and we strive to know each of our clients on a personal basis so you feel a connection every time you call.


Long-term focus

McLane Advisors will help you achieve financial freedom now, and throughout your lifetime for both you and your loved ones.

This is accomplished by having a disciplined and long-term approach to your finances and by removing emotional decisions by using many sources of fundamental data as well as trends to make educated decisions in your behalf.



“One of many tools we use to forecast market trends and make allocation decisions”




Download a Sample of Retirement Benefit Analysis


Retirement Benefit Analysis

Will I. Retire

Retirement Date: 6/30/19


Monthly Pension Amount




Based on the Retiree Life Option after the maximum Partial Lump Sum Distribution (PLSD)
provided by your Retirement estimate



Monthly Withdrawal from Partial Lump Sum Distribution - IRA Rollover




Using an annual withdrawal rate of 5% of $151,527 divided by 12 months.
If you are under age 59 ½, the 10% penalty may be avoided by meeting certain criteria.



Alternate Survivor Benefit Cost


-  464


To age 90 life insurance coverage (Class II) of $656,160 (age 52). Based on a 5% calculation of the 100% Option. ($2,734/month to survivor after the maximum PLSD)



Sub Total:



457 Deferred Compensation Plan




Current Value:        $43,466 (Includes $23,000 from sick / vacation time pay if applicable)
Using an annual withdrawal rate of 5% divided by 12 months equals



Other Investments




Current Value:        $87,368
Using an annual withdrawal rate of 5% divided by 12 months equals:



Savings (Not For Income)




Current Value:        $23,000
Using an annual withdrawal rate of 0% divided by 12 months equals:



Sick / Vacation / Terminal Pay




Current Value         $37,507 (less % to retirement system and $23,000 to 457 or 403(b) if applicable)




Current Monthly Income




Total Monthly:



Less Social Security contribution








Less Medicare contribution







Less Retirement contribution








Less 457 / 401(k) contribution








Adjusted Monthly Income (pretax)




Monthly Retirement Income (pretax):



Retirement Income as a percentage of Current Adjusted Income



Note: The above is only an estimate based on information provided by the Participant / Potential Retiree and is not guaranteed.
Figures may vary based on the changes in value of any or all accounts, and do not include health insurance premiums or income taxes




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