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Retirement Benefit Analysis

Will I. Retire

Retirement Date: 6/30/19


Monthly Pension Amount




Based on the Retiree Life Option after the maximum Partial Lump Sum Distribution (PLSD)
provided by your Retirement estimate



Monthly Withdrawal from Partial Lump Sum Distribution - IRA Rollover




Using an annual withdrawal rate of 5% of $151,527 divided by 12 months.
If you are under age 59 ½, the 10% penalty may be avoided by meeting certain criteria.



Alternate Survivor Benefit Cost


-  464


To age 90 life insurance coverage (Class II) of $656,160 (age 52). Based on a 5% calculation of the 100% Option. ($2,734/month to survivor after the maximum PLSD)



Sub Total:



457 Deferred Compensation Plan




Current Value:        $43,466 (Includes $23,000 from sick / vacation time pay if applicable)
Using an annual withdrawal rate of 5% divided by 12 months equals



Other Investments




Current Value:        $87,368
Using an annual withdrawal rate of 5% divided by 12 months equals:



Savings (Not For Income)




Current Value:        $23,000
Using an annual withdrawal rate of 0% divided by 12 months equals:



Sick / Vacation / Terminal Pay




Current Value         $37,507 (less % to retirement system and $23,000 to 457 or 403(b) if applicable)




Current Monthly Income




Total Monthly:



Less Social Security contribution








Less Medicare contribution







Less Retirement contribution








Less 457 / 401(k) contribution








Adjusted Monthly Income (pretax)




Monthly Retirement Income (pretax):



Retirement Income as a percentage of Current Adjusted Income



Note: The above is only an estimate based on information provided by the Participant / Potential Retiree and is not guaranteed.
Figures may vary based on the changes in value of any or all accounts, and do not include health insurance premiums or income taxes


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